Biliana Marcheva • THRIVE

As a part of our new series to give students the inside scoop on all things internships and full-time job opportunities, we have InternXpert Biliana Marcheva from IUPUI. With a passion to guide people through the same process of improvement and growth that she has experienced, she is a program assistant for THRIVE, an IUPUI program for 1st year students that are independents.

Professional Headshot Biliana-Maria

The InternX Internship Scoop: 

THRIVE is a program for 1st year students that are independents. As an intern, you recruit and review applications, go to classes, and mentor students. Throughout this process, you make sure students are staying on track and are there if they need any help. Best part of the internship according to Billie? You get to work hours around your schedule and get paid! 

InternXpert Advice:

Billie has a true passion for her internship and knows she can give 100% because she truly cares for the people she is helping. Her commitment to going beyond just the job guidelines such as meeting with students outside of work sets her apart. Having a major that aligns with your internship can also be a plus. With her Anthropology major, Billie is creating a foundation of knowledge that will better equip her to work with people and make a positive difference in their lives.

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