Frequently Asked InternX + Career Fair Questions

We’d love to have you as an InternX partner! Send an email to, and we’ll get you set up with a demo.

Nope! The X stands for all the eXtra opportunities we provide as well. Internships, co-ops, full time opportunities…we have you covered!
Make sure you fill out your account thoroughly (recruiters love knowing all about your specific skills and successes!), and keep it updated whenever you check off new skills and experiences you master. Other than that? Sit back, relax, and we’ll bring the job opportunities to you.
Recruiters first filter through majors, GPA, and Work Authorization status. Second, they’ll look at your “about me” and resume. So show off all your incredible InternStar potential in these parts!
They’ll most likely send you an email. We just provide them your student email and let them contact you when they’re ready to be directly “wow-ed” by your talent!
Absolutely! Graduate programs recruit students just like companies do. Get contacted directly from elite graduate programs.