This week’s InternXpert is the brilliant Ali Gibson, procurement corporate initiative intern at Eastman Chemical in Kingsport, Tennessee. Ali Gibson spent her summer internship measuring contractor performance by completing over 120 hours of time studies. She then analyzed this data to gain deeper insight into significant cost saving opportunities and used it to assist with fact based decision making.


While Gibson has a plethora of talents and insight that could be utilized for countless companies, she has stayed with Eastman Chemical because of the collaborative culture and people. Being able to network with over 500 other interns and co-ops from all across the United States was a huge draw for Ali, and the company’s “open door policy” has been an even further enhancing experience. Through this approach, interns have the opportunity to job shadow and meet with employees that can range anywhere from entry-level new hires to executive team members.

Ali’s determination and hard work combined with Eastman Chemical’s productive, open work environment was the perfect mixture for an incredibly successful internship. Read more below about this inspirational InternStar!

What’s your x-factor? What makes your different?

“I am dedicated and tenacious. When I begin a new role or start a new project, I do so with the intent of exceeding expectations and sticking it out through the good, the bad, and the ugly. I am an achiever, and am always seeking to do better than what I have done in the past.”

What’s your life motto?

“If you simply do the things that you are supposed to do, and do those things to the best of your ability, you will experience success.” I have discovered that by making smart decisions, appropriately managing time, and never compromising integrity, success can seem almost automatic. Everyone is given the same amount of time — 168 hours a week — to chase their personal passions and successes. The difference in the successful person and the unsuccessful person is the activities on which they are spending their time and the “things” on which they are placing their priorities. These “things” are individually prioritized. Personally, I currently place priority on family/friends, education, and work — in that order. Everything else can be completed when I feel I have dedicated enough time and energy to my main priorities.

What’s something that you understand about Eastman that you feel like most people don’t?

“At Eastman, collaboration is a way of life. Everyone is willing to do their part and work together for the success of their teams and the company as a whole. When times get tough or decision making becomes hard, the individuals at Eastman never cease to work together to achieve a common goal. Eastman is competitive externally, but remains collaborative internally.”

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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

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