It’s that time of year again. You put on your interview outfit and practice your 30-second pitch. There’s a sea of black and grey suits and endless lines to talk to companies. How are you expected to stand out? And what’s the secret to getting these recruiters interested in you? Let’s take you through the improved InternX career fair experience, along with insightful commentary from UVA Ph.D. student & She Engineered founder, Natalie Ownby, who has first-hand experience with the process.

The problem (as explained by Natalie):
“I’m a current PhD student and every year I attend some of the largest engineering career fairs but they are still overwhelming from the moment you walk in. You always think you did your research, but nothing prepares you to stand in line for 45 minutes only to be told that they are only looking for 1 sophomore student or to just apply online.  As a junior and senior electrical engineering major with diverse experiences I knew I was a competitive candidate but still found myself wasting time on companies that were not a good match.” -Natalie Ownby

The current career fair experience is largely based on luck, insider knowledge, and grit. You spend the majority of your time strategically earning the highest grades and having strong extracurriculars to be hired. So why does the recruiting process base itself on senseless, random encounters with no emphasis on efficiency? InternX was created to fix this. With an IX profile, you’ll walk into the career fair, ready to stand out from the rest of the students and conquer the recruitment process.

Before you’ve even stepped foot in the career fair, you have an advantage. You’ve expressed interest in the positions you’re qualified for through our Opportunity Engagement Platform. Companies already know that you are interested and have been able to review your resume and profile beforehand. You’ve also already set up direct meetings with recruiters so you can walk into the fair with a scheduled lineup. There’s no need to strategize how many long company lines you’ll be able to stand in before your next class starts. You know the companies that are interested in you, and you’re prepared to talk to them about meaningful topics, not just small talk.  

“What I love about this is it takes away the guesswork and wasted time. Going in with a plan lets you better prepare and skip the awkward small talk. Even just bypassing those first awkward seconded of introducing yourself can make the whole career fair experience way less intimidating.” -Natalie Ownby

InternX was created by students for students. There’s no hidden strategy, and there’s no frustrating experiences. We focus on modernizing and improving career fairs to save you time and energy…and to get you the internship or full-time job you want.

COVID-19 REAL TIME UPDATE: Current Hiring Companies
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Friday, February 21, 2020

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