With these changing times, the new focus of career fairs will be having the best COVID safety protocols. Even once schools open back up, there will be a cap on career fair attendees, and making sure that your university has the most efficient technology for these events is crucial. You can choose to continue hosting virtual fairs, or you can pre-schedule in-person meetings to limit the number of students and recruiters in an area at once. Both options are available to you through one provider, InternX.  

InternX’s scheduling assistant limits the amount of students that are allowed into the event at one time, without decreasing overall student access to employers. Instead of tightly packed student lines at a fair booth, students meet with employers one at a time during their designated time slot. This process keeps your career fairs safe for all attendees while also facilitating successful employer-student connections.

How InternX Pre-Scheduling Benefits Students:

Whether it’s online or on-campus, students have their own mandatory class schedules. Balancing this with the length of time it takes to meet with even just a few companies during a career fair negatively impacts their opportunities. Instead of standing in a 30-minute line for one company, pre-scheduling allows students to plan a specific meeting time with a company that is within the career fair time frame and their personal schedule. Now, instead of waiting in two 30-minute lines to speak to different two companies, your student would have the time to speak to six different companies due to their pre-scheduled 10-minute meeting slots. Not only does this provide more opportunities for your students, it also eliminates long lines with 10’s of students standing closely together.

How InternX Pre-Scheduling Benefits Companies with Long Lines:

There are companies that have high brand recognizability, and their line begins 40 minutes before the fair has even officially started. Long lines lead to more long lines, and they have the same message for each student that ends in either telling them they’re not the type of candidate they need or to apply online. InternX allows these recruiters to do this exact filtering online instead, before the fair even begins. Scheduling with the right candidates before the fair allows them to have more quality conversations with qualified students when they arrive at their booth. This leads to more job offer acceptances and higher long-term retention rates. With that said, it's extremely important to have some aspects of open scheduling so that any student can schedule with any employer. We recommend having one pre-scheduled meeting line and one open line per company booth. As much as we appreciate efficiency, we also appreciate serendipity.

How InternX Pre-Scheduling Benefits Companies with No Traffic:

We’ve helped companies like this time & time again. It’s frustrating because we know that the company may have fantastic opportunities available for students, but students have no way of knowing about them. By finding students on InternX’s platform and reaching out to them in advance to pre-schedule a meeting, students have time to “discover” the company and the positions for which the company is hiring in advance. We’ve had companies that usually only have 5-6 students show up to their booth for an entire fair. With InternX’s pre-scheduling, those companies end up having 10-minute time slots completely booked for those same four-hour fairs. When these recruiters schedule meeting times with students, it increases brand interest and student engagement with the company that they wouldn’t have access to outside of the platform.  

How InternX Pre-Scheduling Benefits Universities:

At the end of the fair, the wealth of data that universities can receive is invaluable to help improve their events, student opportunities, and corporate partnership satisfaction. Through InternX, data can be utilized to see which types of students are receiving the greatest amount of meeting requests from companies, the types of employers that students are interested to speak with, and any other interactional data the university would like to utilize. Universities have the unique opportunity to optimize their events with this streamlined data.

InternX brings modernized efficiency that leads to successful student-employer connections, all while incorporating modern social distancing guidelines as well.

Let us know if you have any questions about InternX’s in-person or virtual fairs and how it can help your university career services today.

COVID-19 REAL TIME UPDATE: Current Hiring Companies
COVID-19 REAL TIME UPDATES: Do you know a company currently hiring that’s not on this list? Do you have any insight/advice for students currently applying?

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Thursday, April 30, 2020

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