2020 is the year of customization. We live in a world where personalized emails and targeted ads are the norm. And while some of it may seem banal, it can just as easily become a focused strategy that increases your hiring success and retention rates. While we dive into two unique acquisition methods in this article for searching and securing students, take note that this sphere is shifting and improving so there are additional options from which to choose.  

Opportunities through Personalization

Capitalizing on Personality Assessments

Being handed resume after resume of similar GPA’s, grades, and extracurriculars can create an endless pile of indecision. Trying to differentiate students all wearing the same suit sure doesn’t seem like the 2020 version of customization we were just talking about…until you discover your newest acquisition strategy: Traitify or another personality assessment.

You can view student’s custom personality assessment and their explanation of their results. This takes resume reviews to the next level so there’s more than grades to evaluate a student’s fit for the position you’re hiring. Even further, you can have your team complete the assessment and see where gaps need to be filled, which leads to an understanding of who the best addition for the team would be. The best part? Long-term retention. Not only can you find the best suited students for your internship or full-time positions, but they’ll also fit seamlessly into the company culture through this personality preview and therefore want to stay longer with the company. We can coach you through the multiple ways to use the platform, just contact us for a demo today.

Offer Packages are the New Offer Letters

Just as you are beginning to expect greater customization in your selection of students, students are starting to expect the same from employers. It may seem like an added responsibility for your job, but it’s really an added opportunity to convince students to choose your company. William Tincup, president of RecruitingDaily, describes recruiters sending offer letters in a PDF as a “very sterile process.” Instead, it should be considered an opportunity for showing creative, tailor-made care toward your potential employees. Discover the students’ personal interests outside of work, whether that be environmental advocacy or athletic racing. Shape their package to involve a small gift that shows the company both wants them and values their interests, whether that be an eco-friendly gift for the nature activist or tickets to a sports event in the local area for the athletic enthusiast. These small gifts can go a long way to put your company ahead of the others, and it returns the favor that students gave of demonstrating their personal strengths and interests that your company finds valuable.

COVID-19 REAL TIME UPDATE: Current Hiring Companies
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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

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