With career fairs on everyone’s mind this time of year, take time to figure out your X-factor to share with employers. What sets you apart? Your persistence or wild sense of imagination? Every student has one, and, here at InternX, we want to show you off to every company on our site. Matthew Spegele, InternXpert of the week, has fully capitalized on his X factor and shared how he utilized his skills working for Kimberly-Clark Corporation. Working as a material developer, Spegele helped fix a safety and efficiency problem that arose while chemically treating a material through problem solving and design of the experiment.

Determination is this InternStar’s X-factor. Spegele explained,

“I do not take things at face value and will continually push back to determine the “why” and then fix the issue. I put this X-factor to the test this summer as working in the lab can bring numerous “failed” experiments. However, when asking “why” you can understand the problem better and determine what needs to be fixed for the next step.”

His advice to his freshman year self is to continue to try new things that push him out of his comfort zone, a concept that can be applied to all students wanting to take it to the next level. Spegele has the overall goal to become an intellectual property attorney in one of the major US technology hubs, and we know that, with his X-factor and headstrong mindset, Matthew Spegele is already set up for endless success.

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Monday, June 3, 2019

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