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Zuora helps companies switch from selling a digital product to selling a digital subscription. In McKenzie’s internship, she worked with an add-on product that creates customizable portals for companies to allow their customers to login and interact with their billing settings. Through her position, she was able to gain experience with a variety of technologies. She learned Ruby on Rails, worked with Amazon cloud, and built API’s. This provided her with the opportunity to learn skills she may not have encountered in school.


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McKenzie’s pursuit of a variety of majors and jobs has created a strong foundation to allow her to adapt to any new situation. It’s important to understand how you can utilize your personalized interests to put you ahead in your internship.

She was a psychology major at her undergraduate institution, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and has worked in technology sales. She thinks everyone should attempt sales at least once in their life to gain valuable skills in communication and tenacity. Her psychology major helps to ask important questions about who will be using products and how to best serve them.

Through McKenzie’s program at Georgia Tech, she is assigned projects to complete with friends she’s made along the way. Not only are they able to make innovative, new products together, she is also able to learn from classmates with many incredible experiences and knowledges of different technologies. This helps broaden her horizons and expand her education beyond just the classroom lecture setting.

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Monday, November 25, 2019

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