As a PhD student in Biological Sciences and a Biology Teaching Assistant at UIC, Nicholas Glass has had plenty of experiences to be considered an InternXpert. From his insight on building up your resume to his advice for reapplication, he has a variety of tips for students interested in pursuing a similar path. Read more below!

What’s your life motto?

Stop and smell the flowers.

What’s the best part of your major?

Learning how life works on our planet. I also enjoy studying the interconnectedness of things.

What is the best part of your job?

I have a very flexible schedule. I make my own hours, and I get to research whatever I find most interesting. If there is something I am curious about or want to learn, I can incorporate that into my research.

What, in your opinion, helped you get this job?

I travelled in Asia for a year by myself and put that on my resume. My advisor said that it showed initiative and independence and accepted me into his lab.

What advice do you have for gaining an internship/full-time position similar to yours?

Keep applying. My application was rejected the first time I applied. I focused on building up my resume and strengthening important skills needed for the job and applied again. The second time I was accepted… your application grows stronger every time.

COVID-19 REAL TIME UPDATE: Current Hiring Companies
COVID-19 REAL TIME UPDATES: Do you know a company currently hiring that’s not on this list? Do you have any insight/advice for students currently applying?

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Published on:

Friday, March 13, 2020

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