It is becoming more and more common to see tech skills listed under the preferred qualifications. Even human resources and administrative assistants may be required to have a working knowledge of SQL or HTML. Even if they aren't a requirement, being able to put these skills on your resume can give you an upper hand over equally qualified candidates.

Earning a college degree is the number one way to increase possible career paths and unlock higher income levels. Unfortunately, college doesn't teach all of the essential skills that can lead to a better life. Learning doesn't stop once you earn your college degree. More learning experiences are a necessity to earn a stable income and enjoy job security.


Soft skills are just as important as the knowledge you gain in college. Graduating from college doesn't set you apart from other qualified candidates. Demonstrating leadership through your cover letter and resume will give recruiters a reason to contact you. Companies don't want to hire followers. They want decisive and empathetic leaders to confidently make decisions on a daily basis to improve the services a company provides.

Motivating a team is only a small portion of what it means to be a leader. You can lead a group through small high impact actions. An overlooked leadership skill is recapping a meeting before the group adjourns. Review key takeaways and the next actions can keep your team on the same page and increase accountability. Interpersonal skills often get noticed before expertise or excellent work are recognized.  

Analyzing Data

Leaders don't make decisions without analyzing data. Every company creates copious amounts of data that is often underutilized. Building tools to organize and analyze data sets will increase your chances of landing an interview. Companies are always hiring data analysts and scientists to help them find insights into customer behavior. The first step to data-informed decisions is collecting and analyzing data. SQL is a good tool for taking your analysis to the next step.

Structured Query Language, or SQL, is a way to communicate with large databases. Too much data is generated for a professional to identify trends without proper organization. Learning SQL basics doesn't take as long as you would think. Understanding simple ways to retrieve data can help you make high-quality decisions at work that your managers will notice. Supporting any decisions with data is an amazing way to stick out to current and future employers.

Be Familiar With A Coding Language

A college degree in the right field might not be enough to become a top qualified candidate for entry-level positions. Nearly every job involves interaction with technology. Freelance writers need to be able to update and identify issues in the coding of their website, while teachers need to analyze data from test results to identify the areas in which their students need to improve.

There are many types of coding languages. Picking a simple language like HTML or Python is another skill that will set you apart from other recent grads. There are myriad ways to learn a coding language, many for free.


HyperText Markup Language, better known as HTML, is the basic code that can manipulate a web page's look, functions, and structure. You can edit HTML in-browser. It doesn't take incredibly long to learn the basic elements. Even a basic understanding can help a web page rank better in Google and reach more readers and potential customers.

You can check the HTML of webpages by using HTML editors to check for malfunctions. These editors make it easy to find any issues that might create suboptimal situations for your website. HTML can create headlines that search engines check when determining the content of a website. HTML is useful for bloggers and anyone who updates websites frequently. HTML is also a good jumping-off point for learning coding languages.

Create A Personalized Website

A basic website that hosts your portfolio, resume, and accomplishments is a skill you might not learn in college, but there is often an option to add your website during an application. Instead of shamefully skipping over that box, you can create a channel to promote yourself.

Education Is A Journey

Graduating college is an accomplishment worth celebrating, but all of the other applicants in the job pool will be college applicants as well. Taking the time to learn any computer science skills will benefit your career. Learning is a continual process that helps us evolve personally and professionally.

Written by Artur Meyster, Career Karma
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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

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