Technology has played a role in making the learning process more interesting to youngsters, but the future will present a more evolved sector than we see today. Students will look forward to learning irrespective of their age. These are some trends that will change the future of education.

1. Unlimited Educational Resources
In the past, teachers treated their knowledge base as something sacred and extremely valuable. Knowledge was power and these teachers used their knowledge to gain an edge over their colleagues. These days, with the amount of information readily available on the Internet, teachers have become more willing to share their knowledge than ever before. In the future, their willingness to share what they know with fellow teachers and students across the globe will only increase. With sites like The Connected Educator, Vimeo, and TedEd, teachers can share their resources with other educators and students without worrying about how they can benefit from it personally.

2. Evolution of Student Assessment
In the years to come, student assessment will change from what currently exists. Students will no longer need to take assessments under pressure from invigilators in a confined space. Artificial intelligence tools are already being used during examinations to minimize malpractice without the added pressure that comes when invigilators hover above the students. Assessments are also being done online especially in the Covid-19 era and standardized testing is becoming less relevant every day.

3. Adoption of Interactive Classrooms
Technology has already changed so many aspects of education but there are more changes to be made in the future. Right now, interactive classrooms are replacing traditional learning environments. In-person classes have graduated from paper and pen to electronic databases. Students are relying more on their computers and other digital devices in the classroom to get work done. This method has proven to be more efficient than traditional teaching methods. In the future, pen, papers, and regular boards will become obsolete.

4. Online Learning at Different Levels
The Covid-19 pandemic has shown the world that online learning can stand as a viable alternative to in-person classes when necessary. Online learning organizations have made a significant amount of money since the beginning of the pandemic. Most of them have collaborated with schools and ministries of education to provide students at all levels with the education they need to succeed. Even people in the workforce took advantage of the lockdown using the extra time to pick up new skills on online platforms like and With a few adjustments and developments, online learning might have everything it takes to overtake in-person classes.

5. Emphasis on Technology
Right now, the technology industry is ahead of every other one. Other sectors in society are being directly influenced by technological advancements. It is this technology that separates man from beast. The world has only reached its current stage because of technological innovations but there are still many changes to come especially in education.

Students aren't just being taught better with technology, they are also being taught how to build technology. Educators have started to simplify software development so that younger children will be able to pick these skills up as early as possible. This will make things easier for them when they grow older and develop a keen interest in technology. There are also tech tools that parents can recommend to their children to help them learn how to code or program software.

‍Education may have progressed significantly over the last few decades but there is still a lot of work to be done. That much has been made clear in the last few months since the Covid-19 pandemic started. Developed nations are getting the sweeter end of the deal as far as education is concerned. However, developing nations are still fighting gender inequality, accessibility, and high cost in education. It's going to take many years before the trends listed above reach mass adoption in these nations.

Written by guest writer from Career Karma, Ufuoma Nora Ogono. Ufuoma Nora Ogono is a full-time freelance writer with over 4 years of experience in the industry. Over the years, she has produced high-quality content for,, and many other reputable websites.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

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