During my time touring colleges as a high schooler, I had absolutely no clue what I needed or wanted in a university. A big school seemed cool because I was from a high school of 400 students. A study abroad option also seemed kind of important?

As much as I tried to educate myself on what I should look for, I didn’t have any clue what I needed until I committed to my school & spent time there. Little did I know that the “big school” mentality wasn’t the most advantageous situation for me. I needed smaller class sizes so I would be more encouraged to ask questions and listen to the material. I never ended up utilizing the study abroad option because I found a different cultural trip that wasn’t sponsored by the school.

I learned lessons to impart wisdom to high schoolers, but I figured this lack of knowing what I needed in a school would never been an issue again…

…until I found myself searching for an internship my senior year and, once again, had absolutely no clue what kind of company I wanted to work for. Of course I could choose a well-known company name because I liked their product, but there were tons of companies at the upcoming career fairs that were smaller and seemed like more viable options.

And that’s where Traitify jumps in on our platform. This feature helps students discover themselves and what they want in a company – it helps students as much as it helps recruiters find students.

After taking the 90-second Traitify personality assessment through your InternX profile, you’ll immediately discover what your greatest assets are and how they can be applied to a company culture. When you’re speaking with recruiters, you can discover how your personality can fit with a company, and it gives you more leverage during an interview. You’re more than just your GPA and grades, and Traitify gives you the opportunity to fine-tune what those qualities are.

The question “what are your strengths?” will no longer a general, impersonal prompt that you dread being asked. It’s suddenly an opportunity to show off your personality, backed by scientific results that you can show.

Even better? Having your strengths align with company means both the employer and you yourself will be happier long term. That leads to longer job retention and more position satisfaction.

And that’s a major win all around.

Sign into your InternX profile, & complete your Traitify assessment here.

Interested in learning more about the science behind the assessment? Click here.

Written by: Billie Patterson

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